Who we are

We offer consulting services for big data analytics, cloud computing, and IoT. In particular, we target our consulting services to emerging markets, like Vietnam, in different application domains, like smart cities, smart argricultures, healthcare, logistics, and retail.

Hong-Linh Truong has 20 years of experience in dealing big data processing, cloud computing, IoT, and service models. His current main job is a professor at TU Wien, Austria (see his university page here) where he carries out research and teaching in the above-mentioned areas, leading the Service Engineering Analytics team. He co-founds and advises IoT & Big Data Computing Lab in Vietnam. He is also currently working on IoT Connectivity solutions for developing countries. Check his short industry-relevant CV here and his Google scholar here.

Offerings & Services

Our services help customers to build their own infrastructures and services as well as to build services atop well-known public clouds.

    • Big data: Hadoop ecosystems, Apache Spark, ELK stack (ElasticSearch, Logstash and Kibana), TICK stack (InfTelegraf, InfluxDB, Chronograf, and Kapacitor), Apache Kafka, Apache Apex, Mongodb, Cassandra, RabbitMQ, Apache NiFi, and Redis
    • IoT: MQTT, Beacon/BLE, RFID, LoraWAN, Waspmote, Raspberry Pi
    • Clouds: OpenStack, Docker, Kubernetes, Amazon/Azure/Google infrastructures, serverless computing
    • Scalable streaming analytics and data mining/machine learning with big data


  • Specialized training and technical talks: big data, big data processing frameworks, cloud computing, IoT, and advanced service engineering with microservices in the cloud
  • Consulting-focused training for solving particular problems: big data for mobile network operations

Advising technologies

  • Assest management, monitoring and analytics
  • IoT and analytics for smart agriculture
  • Predictive analytics based on big data
  • Fraud/abnormal detection with streaming data analytics

Design clouds, IoT and big data platforms

  • Design big data and IoT infrastructures owned by enterprises
  • Design big data and IoT services using public clouds

Assessing (proposed) solutions

  • Assses feasibility of technical solutions
  • Assess extensibility and interoperability of technical solutions

Client Portfolio

We have provided our expertise for different industries, such as ESA - European Space Agency , Pacific Control Systems, Mobifone Networks - Central Vietnam, DiCentral Vietnam, and Vietnamese Universities. We also have extensive experiences with European companies through our collaboration in EU-funded projects.

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